The Most Sustainable and Cost Effective Solution on the Market

Guaranteed to reduce your water and utility bills and help save the planet

Why use a Waterbroom?

  • Save up to 60% of water usage
  • Design uses the Venturi effect allowing cleaned area to dry in minutes limiting downtime and reducing liability
  • Significantly reduces water used for cleaning compared to a pressure washer or hose with sprayer
  • Uses 4.5 gallons per minute compared to 12 gallons per minute for most hoses and power sprayers
  • Virtually eliminates urban runoff
  • Reduces labor by increased productivity and efficiencies
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction with food grade approved casters
  • Can use hot water to cut through grease and grime
  • Will not harm pavers, epoxy floor finishes, court coatings, asphalt, or concrete

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose the Waterbroom? How does this differ from a commercial hose with sprayer or a power washer?

The patented Waterbroom is easy to use and cleans in less time while using far less water than a commercial hose with sprayer or power washer. The Waterbroom cleans effectively, and its patented Venturi Effect allows surfaces to dry in minutes – far quicker than a commercial hose with sprayer or power sprayer.

Where is the best place to use the Waterbroom?

Built to industrial standards with aircraft strength aluminum, the Waterbroom is suitable for a large variety of work environments, including hotel pool & tennis areas, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, construction sites, industrial premises, multi-family residential, and more.

How much water does a commercial hose with sprayer or power washer use compared to a Waterbroom?

A commercial hose with sprayer or power washer uses a minimum of 12 GPM to 4.5 GPM of water used with a Waterbroom.



HD WB - 46"

Waterbroom 46" Manifold – 9 Brass Jet Spray Nozzles 4.5 GPM

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