Patented Flow Control Valves for Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

The Most Sustainable and Cost Effective Solution on the Market

Guaranteed to reduce your water and utility bills and help save the planet

Why use a HD Faucet Flow Control Valve?

  • Patented aerospace technology
  • Save up to 70% on your water usage
  • Can be used with existing faucet – no need for a costly replacement
  • Lasts significantly longer than other low flow devices
  • Tamper proof and out of sight for a better appearance
  • No ongoing maintenance with consistent flow throughout the product life
  • Extends useful life of faucet by reducing calcification and lessening the effects of hard water build up
  • Individually controls flow at hot/cold supply line for increased water & thermal savings
  • Easy and inexpensive installation
  • Cal Green, IAPMO Green and LEED certified (2-4 LEED points available)
  • Customized for each customer to maximize water savings and user experience
Flow Control Valves for Faucets


Individually regulates hot and cold flow

Long lasting product life

No Ongoing Maintenance

Breaks up particulate in supply line

Extends life of fixture

Customized for water pressure

Aesthetically preferable

Creates continuity across property


Easy to Install

Clog easily

Consistently Flows Above its Rating

Constant Maintenance

Short Life and Constant Replacement

Collect Bacteria

Not Allowed in Healthcare Facilities



HD SK - .50

Flow Control Valve – .50 GPM

HD SK – 0.75

Flow Control Valve – .75 GPM

HD SK – 1.00

Flow Control Valve – 1.0 GPM

HD SK – 1.25

Flow Control Valve – 1.25 GPM


3/8" and 1/2" Angle Stop Sizes Available.
Two Flow Control Valves per Package

Spec Sheet Download

Installation Instructions Download

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